samedi 26 juin 2010

Manahoana : Malagasy hello

* Manahoana 'nareo ( ianareo)/manahoana daholy nareo = Hi you all!
Answer: Manahoana 'nareo (for more than one person)
Manahoana / manahoana tompoko ( if one person)

* Manahoana: (casual) Hi, Hello
answer: Manahoana!

* Manahoana Tompoko ( formal/ honorific greeting ) : Good morning, Sir, Madam.
Answer: Manahoana tompoko.

Remarks :

Tompoko is used when you do not know the persons, for example you meet them for the first

time, or they are in the streets ( Malagasy people greet unknown people in the buses, in the

streets, when they meet in a tight sideways, it is impolite not to greet or answer greetings from

people) so if you know their names, call them by names, first name especially.

Malagasy people shake hands with friends and family members. Not to shake hands is


They even kiss one another like French people (two, three, four times on the cheeks), or even

now they hug like Americans.

* The princely descendants greet between themselves with " Tsarava tompoko": ( May you be in good health)"


Veloma: Bye (casual)

Veloma Tompoko : good bye (honorific, formal)

In all times of the day, we say Veloma (morning, noon, night)

Mandram-pihaona: see you next time

Tafandria mandry: good night (for sleep)