samedi 7 juillet 2012

Ry tanindrazanay malala o: some pronunciation rules

For the malagasy anthem sung by americans see here:


Some pronunciation remarks on the performance, although it is very good:

tAnindrazanay= american people pronounce the a of tan- like the a in car and hard, malagasy people speak instead at the front of the mouth, not back like for cat, and sat,

taninDR- = american say nd-r ( like in he eats and runs away), you must pronounce it once -dr, -ndr like in drain

sometimes american people say finariTSa instead of finariTRa, they do not have the time to close the mouth

madagasikara: same problem: american people do not pronounce it madagasikara= all syllables must be pronounced, instead they say car, with a long a at the end of the word, so they tend to speak quickly to end with a long vowel = madagasCAR

tahionao : TAhionao: always the problem of a long a= it is false if it sounds like o, like in caught
you'd better say e like in set =tehionao

sambatra: american say sam-BAtra, very long on sam, malagasy say instead sa-mbatra you must tighten the two lips to make the prenasalisation

T in tokoa: t is not at the tip of lips and the teeth, it is on the back of the front teeth added with u round like in suit, so you should have the two lips rounded like for a whistle, or a spitting, k is not pronounced alone like in ck, it is with u already so you keep the lips and cough a little bit, that makes ko and not t-ck

same problem with ity= T is not so high, you pronounce it iTTTi, the i at the end of the word closes the word and the sound is long on y not on t = so it is itY

In all, to speak malagasy, you must speak at the tip of your tongue and teeth, and the palate, always high, never long and back,

For the correct pronunciation go here: Listen here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rgpajv9zo3Y

taken from wikipedia