vendredi 16 novembre 2012

Ny hofatrano? the rent

Ny hofatrano? 

Renting an appartment is quite a problem in Madagascar. Generally speaking, in a list of 208 countries rated according to gross national income per capita for 2003 the World  bank places Madagascar at position 187, just 21 places from the bottom. Concerning the rents, first the buildings do not meet the requirements of a decent place of living. Second because of the recent political problems, many people were fired from their jobs and could not make the ends meet nor pay their rents. On top of that population growth is steadfast although collective house building does not exist.  Moreover the world bank estimates that each Malagasy earns only US$290 per year, although the monthly rent is around 250.000 FMG to 500.000 Fmg (iray alina/ roa alina ariary) for 20m2. Consequently crimes rate increases. Therefore building new low-rent blocks of appartements seems to be the solution. http://mada.moreorless.au.com/problems/

Prices of staple in Madagascar by 01/30/2012

Rice : 1 500 Ar/ 7 500 fmg per kilo
Sugar : 2 500 Ar/ 12 500 fmg per kilo
Flour : 1 800 Ar/ 9 000 fmg per kilo
Oil : 4 700 Ar/ 23 500 fmg  per liter
(source madaplus)