lundi 8 juillet 2013

Jeu de kapoka (or kick the can ) with Malagasy children

Jeu de “KAPOKA” or KICK THE CAN in English

This game needs more than two players, one person keeps the empty concentrated milk Nestlé  can which  is put inside a tiny circle. The other players go to hide or they can run around to tempt the keeper to catch them. The keeper of the can runs after them or searches for them. If he can find one, he touches that person and takes him to a prison. But when he is away, another person can kick the can down and then the prisoners are released and the game is over. The keeper of the can just has to run back and put his foot on the can to keep it. The game is over when all the players are captured without the can kicked. The keeper has won. 

Before the beginning of the game, one player throws as far away as he can the can. The keeper runs after it while all the players hide or run around. During the game, when  the can is overthrown and kicked far away from the circle, the keeper runs after it, but meanwhile the prisoners can escape from the prison. So as long as the can is not put back again and the foot of the keeper on it, the prisoners can escape. They stop escaping when the foot of the keeper is on the can inside the circle again. The players can try to kick the can even with the foot of the keeper is on it so as to allow the escape of the prisoners. The game's rules are the same about tagging, it  is over when many players are caught. 

Kapoka= kapoaka=kapôka= Nestlé can 

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