mercredi 27 juin 2012

Native american speaking malagasy

Watch this video: we like very much Corbin speaking Malagasy! don't worry, we just want him or anyone else to speak perfect malagasy!!

then read the following remarks


Distinguish between s and sh


Boy=Karakory (false) = Karakory (right)

There are two stress accents, Corbin just puts the second one


Boy =Tsara= tschara (false)

The s is too deep tsch

Iza // anaranao

Do not pronounce all the letters; a is not pronounced so high

too much pause==iza’naranao?

Girl=Anarako lolo iza anaranao

Boy=Anarako Corbin= anôroko Corbin

Distinguish between a and ô

Firy taona ianao? Firy//taona//ianao=firitôn’énao?

There is no pauses between the words= it sounds strange

Girl=Izaho efapolo taona , firy taona ianao?

Boy=Izaho iraikambini/folo/taona=iraikambinifolo tôna

The diphthongs are prounounced strong on the first one, so it gives ô, no pauses between the syllables

Veloma /valoma

Ditinguish e and a


repeat the following dialogue