mercredi 27 juin 2012

ny vodiondry : the engagement


do you know this saying?

Malagasy people were very respectful of tradition. For example, they got engaged
before they held hands in public in the old times. So if a man lived with his mistress without being married or even engaged, in the Merina tribe - whereas in the other tribes, the man could try his future wife for a certain period of time- this saying was appropriate for their situation.

The "vodiondry" is a sum of money given to the parents of the girl to somehow reimburse them for all they have spent on her. It is a symbol of engagement for the future bridegroom.

The vodiakoho is really given to the parents when they and their children share a chicken in a meal, otherwise it is substituted with a sum of money called "solombodiakoho" on the new years's day or any special feast.

The saying is: mitari-bady tsy lasam-bodiondry (or tsy lasa vodiondry), henatra eo amin'ny tany ama-monina.