samedi 30 juin 2012

Word accent in Malagasy :

1-Can you match the names and the objects:

fehitenda - peratra -kapakapa -bakiraro
sorita - tisorita- tenisy - pataloha
boty - poketra -vakana - botinorana

The answer:

peratra- sorita- tisorita- tenisy
vakana - poketra - boty - kapakapa
pataloha- fehitenda- botinorana- bakiraro

2-Now listen to the pronunciation of each word and tick in the place of the stress accent


PEratra-SOrita- TIsorita- TEnisy
VAkana - poKEtra - BOty - KApaKApa
pataLOha-FEhiTENda- BOtiNOrana- BAkiRAro

3-Can you take down the following list of objects to take and not to take:


Aza entina
Poketra –tenisy-pataloha-botinorana


* words ending with ka-tra-na : accent on the first syllable for a three syllables words
* exceptions: poketra

*words from French: bottes, Tshirt, shorts,tennis shoes, pantalon,

*compound words: fehy tenda= fehitenda= " hi" is not pronounced, not even i , so it has three syllabes, it has two stress accents

* ba from the French " bas" ( put on the lower part of the body) : it is seen alone ba for sockets, but since it is too short people add kiraro: the copound word has two accents

*kapakapa is the reduplication of kapa: sandal , so it has two stress accents