mardi 15 mai 2012

Koba, koban-dravina : Malagasy peanut bread


ANANA: anana

Can you find other words?

Here are words that read the same even if you change the place of the syllables:
MAMA: mother
LOLO: butterfly
LALA: to like
NONO: teat
VAVA: mouth
VOVO: bow net
VIVY: a bird (y is only at the end of words, so i becomes y)
BEBE: grandmother
DADA: father
KAKA (something between the teeth)
BOBO: albino
KAKY: familiar for father


Can you change the order of the syllables or the letters to have another word?
1-DOKA (advertisement)
2-FOKA (crazy)
3-LOSO (piece of money)
4-FAKA (root)
5-BOKA (leper)
6-PAKA (v.touch)
7-KOPAKA (wave of the hand)
8-LOLA ( walk slowly)
9-LAKO (a sound)
10-LAVA (long)
11-MORONA (edge)
12-SOFINA (ear)
13-TANANA (hand)
14-TEFY (v.build)
15-KOLO (v.care)

1-KADO (a present)
2- FAKO (rubbish)
3- SOLO (substitution)
4- KAFA (hafa in compound words: another)
5- KOBA (a malagasy bread with peanuts)
6- KAPA (sandals)
7- KAPOKA (beat of flagellation)
8- LALO (v.slow)
9- KALO (song)
10-VALA ( a cattle shed)
11-MANORO (v. guide)
12-SIFONA (wordless)
13-NATANA (put on the fire, in the past tense)
14- FETY (feast)
15-LOKO (color)

for the recipe of peanut bread, see on utube Koba, kobandravina (peanut sweet dessert)