dimanche 6 mai 2012

Ny fosa : THE FOSSA


1-find his description on http://www.bbc.co.uk/nature/life/Fossa_(animal)
2-find his way of life here below
3- his description and image http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B5ABUJRGZKg&feature=player_embedded  . Malagasy people name it fosa: /fusə/.

3- Here is a text that is learned in the Malagasy elementary schools. The fossa is a very famous, legendary animal for Malagasy. Nobody has seen it since it is nearly extinct.

Listen to a text, and answer the questions below:whenhttps://docs.google.com/file/d/0BwDbOGaZ6bSPNHNhc25RSnJ6MDA/edit

(the text was taken from Boky famakian-teny tao amin’ny Sekoly taloha 1948. Sampandraharahan’ny Fampianarana) in André RAKOTONDRANAIVO, Malagasy Tokana. 1974. p 20.



nisaka ( root saka: to search): fishing crayfish with the hands,
manao tongotra an-katoka: to run very fast (the feet to the back of the neck)
mivoaramena: red eyed
hamahazany: to fatten
manorika: old word: falling down (the cheek)
mosalahy : impulsive


Comprehension questions:

Answer the questions:

Paragraph 1:
1-Before the mother was going out, what did she forbid her children to do?
a-to eat before she came back b) to follow her c ) to open the door to other people
2-what did one child do?
4-what did the child hear?
5-What did he do following the sound?

Paragraph 2:
1-whom did he meet?
2-How are the eyes of the animal?

Paragraph 3:
1-How did the animal trick the child?

Paragraph 4:
1-What did the animal do with the child?
2-What food did he give him?

Paragraph 5:
1-The animal change his way of keeping the child, how?
2-what is this that was near the den of the animal?
3-what did Ikotofetsy do on it?
4-Why did he cry?

Paragraph 6
1-one day something happened? What is it?
2-What is the lesson for Ikotokely, and all children to learn from this story?


Give the synonyms: (each time the concerned paragraph is in brakets)

(1) mum:
(1) call
(1) run:
(1) his voice:
(2) red eyed
(2) trembling
(3) on his back
(4) food:
(4) fat
(5) good:
(5) den
(6) dead



Paragraph 1:
1-not to follow her ( tsy hanaraka azy) b)

2- lasa nivoaka hanenjika azy ny zanany iray : a child went out to run after her
3-nampoizina mantsy fa mbola tsy lasa lavitra ny reniny= the child thought that the mother has not gone far yet
4- ô, ô nisy feo namaly azy= the child heard a cry ô answering him
5- he followed the sound, hihazakazaka aho hamonjy azy = I will catch her up

Paragraph 2:
1- the fossa (ny fosa)

Paragraph 3
1-How did the animal trick the child? he said ô and teh chl is too young to understand that it is not his mother's voice from afar

Paragraph 4:
1-he half-buried the child in the sand every day = "Nasitriny tao anaty fasika ny tapak’ilay zaza "
2-What food did he give him? honey, fruit, all that human beings eat
3-to fatten him so as to eat him when he is fat enough

Paragraph 5:
1-He did not bury the child any more
2-a big rock
3-he sang a song
4-he missed his family

Paragraph 6
1-one day he escaped and went back home
2-to listen to and obey parents (ataovy lesona, tsy nankato ny reniny)

(1) neny
(1) antso
(1) mihazakazaka (manejika: to run after, pursuit)
(1) feony
(2) mivoaramena ny masony
(2) tora-kovitra
(3) am-babena
(4) hanina
(4) matavy
(5) tsara
(5) zohy
(6) maty