samedi 5 mai 2012

NY VOLA MALAGASY : malagasy money (vola gasy)


Please go to this web site. http://www.banque-centrale.mg/
then at the right hand side of the page you may find Communiqué: communiqué du 15 janvier 2010, then the above ad under AFFICHE, click on it to zoom it and read it
then clic on the SPOT VM (which stands for the malagasy version), and watch the same ad in Malagasy language

then answer the following questions:

A-Can you tell what this ad is about? many answers possible
1-to warn the users that there are false banknotes
2-to inform the users that there are new bank notes
3-to inform the users that there is a false signature on the banknotes
4-to inform the users that there is a new governor
5-to tell the users to use only the new banknotes

B-True or false
1-what is the name of the new governor?
2-the malagasy francs is obsolete, only ariary banknotes are in use
3-the banknotes issued by the new governor are the only one with value
4-there are seven new banknotes issued, they are the only ones with value
5-users can tear the banknotes that are shown in the ad if they fall on them

C-Marina sa diso
1-niova ny governora.
2-fito no isan'ny vola vaovao
3-manakery avokoa ny vola misy ny sonian'ny governora taloha sy vaovao.
4-tsy mandeha intsony ny vola taloha misy ny sandambola francs.
5-ny vola ariary ihany no mandeha sy azo ampiasaina amin'izao fotoana izao.



B-True or false
1-Rasamoely Fréderic
2-false (samy manakery)
3-false (azo ampiasaina)
4-false (samy manakery= have value/ azo ampiasaina: can be used)
5-false (take care of the banknotes : hikajy sy hanaja tsara)
C-Marina sa diso
4-Diso (manakery daholo)
5-Diso (francs and ariary banknotes can all be used)