samedi 7 avril 2012

the Lamba and the lambahoany: a malagasy costume,


The lamba (lambə) is a piece of cloth put around the shoulders for malagasy women.
They wear it with one end thrown over the right shoulder. It is a sign that a woman is no longer young. Nowadays it is a fashionable piece of cloth for women abroad. They would not put it on, back in the country though, because of the connotation. It is just a piece of a traditional costume.

Ah oui, vraiment t’es jolie
Et moi, je t’aime à la folie
Et quand tu danses à la fête
Tu fais tourner tant de têtes
Avec ton lamba blanc.
Quand au milieu de la danse
Tu t’avances en silence
Ton joli corps se balance
Plein d'aisance, en silence
Ah oui, ah oui, ah oui vraiment t’es jolie
Je t’ai donnée
Il y a deux années, pour tes vingt ans
Un lamba blanc
Et dès que tu l’as mis
Les garçons se mirent à chanter cette chanson

A chaque fois que je te vois
Tu as toujours
De jolis atours
Et la mode a changé si souvent
Mais toi tu as gardé ton lamba blanc

Translation (G.trad)
Oh yeah, you're really pretty

And I, I love you to distraction
And when you dance at the party
You make so many heads to turn around
With your white lamba.

When in the middle of the dance
You advance in silence
Your pretty body sways
Full of ease, in silence

Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes you're really pretty


I gave you
two years ago, for your twenty years’ birthday
A white lamba
And when you put it on,
The boys began to sing this song

Every time I see you
You always have your
Pretty attire
And fashion has changed so often
But thou hast kept thy white lamba

Another piece of cloth, called Lambahoany is turned around the thighs of any young women in the coastal part of Madagascar. It is worn everyday as a skirt.

vangay lambahoany= buy me a lambahoany