dimanche 8 avril 2012

Malagasy Currency= vola malagasy, vola gasy,


Madagascar has inherited of the French way of speaking for the money: so there is the French way of saying it: mila francs: mil franc etc...

but Madagascar has also the iraimbilanja currency way of saying it: ariary

to obtain the figures in the French way of saying it, you multiply by five the ariary...

the other way round for the ariary: you cut by five : cinq mille: sainky mila=( iray) arivo ariary,
dix mille= roa arivo ariary ....

common names
Written form
Folo ariary =ariary folo=arifolo
ar 10
50 fr
Sainkanty (franc)
Dimapolo (ariary)
Ar 50
250 fr
Dé san sainkaty (francs)
Arizato=ariary zato
Ar 100
500 fr
Sainky san (francs)
Roanjato ariary
Ar 200
1000 fr
Mila ( franc)
Telonjato ariary
Ar 300
1500 fr
Efajato (ariary)
Ar 400
2000 fr
Dé mila (francs)
Dimanjato (ariary)
Ar 500
2500 fr
Dé milisainky (francs)
Eninjato (ariary)
Ar 600
3000 fr
Troa mila (francs)
Fitonjato (ariary)
Ar 700
3500 fr
Troa milisainky (francs)
Valonjato (ariary)
Ar 800
4000 fr
Katy mila (francs)
Sivinjato (ariary)
Ar 900
4500 fr
Katy milisainky (francs)
Arivo (ariary)
Ar 1000
5000 fr
Sainky mila (francs)