mercredi 22 février 2012

greetings manahoana? salama?

How are you? ( 1 or 1') + 2

1) Manahoana (ianao, ianareo, tompoko) = Hello (you, all of you, sir/sirs, madam/madams).
Answer= Manahoana (Hi)

Some people answer instead : salama ( I am well), salama tsara ( I am fine)

Normally, Hi aks for Hi in return, if you feel it is without any inquiry about your health. You don't say anything but hello.

Another option in the family circle, or with friends:

1' ) Manahoana ny fahasalamana?= How is your health? how are you?

It is the long form for manahoana, which was shorten.

Answer: Tsara fa misaotra ( Fine, thank you) [ ˈtsarə̥ fa mʲˈsoːtʂə̥ ]

2) Inona ny vaovao? = What's new? What is the news?

Answer: Tsisy vaovao= No news

phonetics from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malagasy_language