mercredi 22 février 2012



Saying Yes or No

To accept:
Yes= Eny (stress on E) [ˈʲenj ]

the malagasy people also say ie (pronounce separately english e and a)

To refuse:
No=Tsia (don't pronounce the a at the end) [tsi, tsʲ ]

the malagasy people also say an-an-an quickly

To refuse less rudely:

another time= amin'ny manaraka
thank you very much=misaotra betsaka


A- Tia paiso ve ianao? (Do you like peaches?)
B- An-an-an / Tsia.

A- Tia frezy ve ianao? ( Do you like strawberries?)
B- Ie / Eny.

A-Te hihinana fromazy ve ianao? (would you like to eat some cheese?)
B-Tsia, misaotra betsaka. (No, thank you very much)

A-Hisotro ronono ve ianao? ( would you like to drink some milk?)
B-Tsia, amin'ny manaraka. (No, some another time)


1) Invite someone to eat some fruit or vegetable, see list on this blog. Say no/ Say Yes.
2) Someone invites you to eat something. Accept or refuse.