samedi 25 février 2012

USEFUL EXPRESSIONS with MISY : There is / there are...

Malagasy words do not have plurals or gender.

MISY : there is

1-Misy mofo.
There are loaves of bread
2-Misy olana
There are (some) problems.
3-Misy miala !
Stop requested.
4-Misy vahaolana
There is a solution
5-Misy hafahafa
There is something strange.

In Madagascar there is no stop or halt button, so to request stop, one has to shout "misy miala" and the driver stops at the bus stop.

Misy...ve? is there...?

1-Misy filma ve amin'ny télé?
Is there any film on tv?
2-Misy ovy ve ny lasopy?
Are there any potatoes in the soup?
3-Misy trondro ve ny dobo?
Are there any fish in the pond?


Only the tone of the voice makes the difference with the statement, because there is no inversion between the subject and the verb or any auxiliary to signal the question.

Tsisy= tsy misy...

1-Tsisy vary
There is no rice.
2-Tsisy loaka.
There is no meat.
3-Tsisy toerana.
There is no more room ( in the car specially)
4-Tsisy fotoana.
There is no time.
5-Tsisy vola.
There is no money.
6-Tsisy bisy na taxibé.
There are no buses nor taxibé.

Tsisy..? = Tsy misy...is/are there not...?

1-Tsisy toaka na rano ?
Is there no alcohol nor water?
2-Tsisy ambiny?
Are there no leftovers?
3-Tsisy elektrisité e?
Is there no electricity?
4-Tsisy vidin-pidirana?
Are there no tickets sold? (Is it free?)