vendredi 24 février 2012

Ny Paraky : the malagasy dipping tobacco

Ny paraky

The Malagasy dipping tobacco

To obtain the dry snuff, raw tobacco leaves are finely ground then dried. Then people take one pinch or a palmful of the powder and put it between their lower lip and teeth. They spit the juice from time to time.

It is less expensive than the foreign tobacco. One of the manufacturers of paraky in Madagascar is Paraky Tsarasaotra.

In the film Tabataba, by Raymond Rajaonarivelo (1988) there is an instance of its use, the whole village and the queen use this kind of tobacco.

Ankoatra izay dia ny 7 %-n’ireo mpianatra ireo no efa mihinana paraky raha mbola tsy mihinana kosa ny 12,5% saingy ahiana ho latsaka lalina amin’io taom-pianarana ho avy io.

7% of Malagasy students (secondary school and university alike) are firmly addicted, whereas 12, 5% have not touched it yet. This second group showed signs however that they would start using it for the next school/university year. [ statistics on 01/06/2011]

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photo from http://www.flickr.com/photos/chronowizardmg/3697626990/