vendredi 24 février 2012


andao = let's or andao handeha= let's go


When people speak quickly, andao alone is pronounced [ 'ndé ]
and andao handeha ['ndao andé]

The Malagasy Verbs:
Prefixe M- for the present tense
H- for the future tense
N- for the past tense


present tense: Mihinana becomes Hihinana : future tense
present tense Manasa becomes Nanasa : past tense

1-Andao hijery sinema=andao handeha hijery sinema
Let's go to the cinema
2-Andao hisotro kafé
Let's have a cup of coffee
3-Andao hijery telé
Let's watch tv
4-Andao hividy mofo
Let's buy a loaf of bread
5-Andao hifoka sigara
Let's smoke a cigarette
6-Andao hitsangatsangana/
Let's take a walk
7- Andao handehandeha
Let's take a walk (roam)
8-Andao hiasa
Let's work
9-Andao handeha any ampiasàna
Let's go to the office
10-Andao hamaky boky
Let's read a book
11-Andao hanoratra taratasy
Let's write a letter


1-Turn the verbs into the future tense:
a) wash: manasa
b) buy: mividy
c) cook : mahandro
d) fetch: maka

a) hanasa
b) hividy
c) hahandro
d) haka

2) How do you say :
a) Let's have a cup of coffee
b) Let's buy a loaf of bread
c) Let's work

a) Andao hisotro kafé
b) Andao hividy mofo
c) Andao hiasa

Look at the vocabulary:
the clothes = akanjo
food= sakafo

3) How do you say=
a) Let's wash the clothes.
b) Let's buy clothes.
c) Let's cook food.
d) Andao hividy sakafo
e) Andao hahandro vary
f) Andao hividy vary

a) Andao hanasa lamba.
b) Andao hividy akanjo
c) Andao hahandro sakafo
e) Let's buy food.
f) Le'ts cook rice.
g) Let's buy rice.