mardi 6 mars 2012

Malagasy reading comprehension

Vonjeo aho rasazy
-Vonjeo aho rasazy ! Vonjeo ! ....
...tsy tazana ntsony.

.( you can go here to find the text=>

Esther RASOALOARIMALALA RANDRIAMAMONJY. Ho avy ny maraina, Trano Pirity Loterana, Ed. 7th, Chapter 7, p30-31.
“---- “
Vonjeo: help!
Fiarabe: a coach
Maratra mafy: badly wounded
Tsindrona: injection
Maditra: naughty
Farahehy: chuckling
Mpamily: driver
Tsy ho ela aho: I will not be long
Nihazakazaka izy: she was running

Reading comprehension:
1-Where does the story take place?
a) At a psychiatric hospital
b) At a maternity hospital
c) At a chemist’s shop

2-The medical person is a
a) A midwife
b) A physician
c) A psychiatrist

3- Why is the extract funny?

4-Match the Malagasy sentences with the English sentences which are related to them:
1-Hanampy azy aho.
2-Mihomehy izy ireo.
3-Ampio izy.
5-Vehivavy bevohoka hiteraka.
a) The other pregnant women are laughing at the driver’s situation.
b ) The midwife accepts to assist the wounded.
c) A woman in labour is about to deliver her baby
d) A driver has been wounded in an accident
e) Someone asks the midwife to assist a wounded driver

5- Put the Malagasy sentences in the chronological order.


3) The midwife was assisting a pregnant woman in labour when she was called to give an injection to a wounded driver. The other pregnant women were saying that it was funny that a male driver would need the service of a midwife ( as if he were pregnant).
4)-1b; 2a; 3e; 4d; 5c
More vocabulary
rasazy: a midwife.