samedi 3 mars 2012

vazaha: an European man


1-vazaha mody miady
2-vazaha vaky sambo
3-manao an'i Laborde tsy ho vazaha
Match with their meanings below
a) You become friends with your enemy by forgetting who he is
b) persons pretending to be enemies between themselves but meanwhile attacking their common enemy
c) Something which is more difficult than it appears in the first place
d) An European whose boat sank (whose hope is gone then)
1b, 2d, 3a) 4c)
5-vazaha lamofo
6-vazaha reraka
7-vazaha taratasy
8- toy ny vazaha matim-basy, matin’ny zavatra nataony[2]
9- manao vazaha fito an'efitra[1]
a) Everybody wants to command, nobody wants to obey.
e) a Malagasy person with limited rights even with the French identity card
f) A newly poor European
g) A bankrupted European
i) Like an European killed by a fire gun, he is killed by his own invention
5g) 6f) 7e) 8i) 9a)

Going further:
Nirhy-Lanto Ramamojisoa, La représentation populaire du vazaha à Madagascar, discours des littératures orales in Chantal RADIMILAHY. Civilisations des mondes insulaires, France : Karthala. 2011. (161-173).

[1] Houlder 1960: 117, prov. 1396.
[2] Houlder (ibid), prov. 1393.