mercredi 28 mars 2012

Teny verindroa: malagasy word reduplication

1-Words without – ka, -tra, -na

a-Words reduplicated in the form of one word next to the other

Fomba : customs, tradition : fombafomba : manners, tradition and protocols,

Lanja: Mandanja: mandanjalanja : you discuss the pros and cons

Hafa : different, hafahafa : strange, weird

Foko: Mifoko (old verb) to cry: mifokofoko: to sob

Kenda: to have an obstruction in the neck; Kendakenda (old word): to speak with a hoarse voice

Vero: a flower; Mamerovero: to spread a good perfume like a flower

Ento: (it gives entona: smoke): Manentoento: to spread a good odour like a good food

Petsa: wet; Petsapetsa : to be an accomplice

Maso: eye: Masomaso : small holes in a sieve, for example.

Joroangle: mijoro: to stand up; Mijorojoro: to stand without purpose

Vetivety* rapidly (always in the reduplicated form)

b- Y = I : The final y becomes I

Teny: word; miteny: to speak; Miteniteny : to speak when silence is expected, to tell a secret, to judge someone,

Longy: la guigne: bad temper: Milongilongy* : to make a face

Mivikiviky* : to walk hurriedly

c--A falls: The final vowel falls: a , Malagasy words have CV formation:

Roa: two: Miroroa (saina) : to hesitate, (to be double-minded )

2-Words with -ka, -tra,- na

1- The finals -ka, -tra, - na FALL, for the first word

2- the usual change with the initial of the second word: The changes are v=>b, f=>p, l=> d, s=>ts, z=>j, r=>dr, h=>k; so on, put the prenasalization if necessary ( -n before d, dr, j, ts, g or k, or -m before p, b, …)


varotra: mivarotra: Mivarobarotra : to sell triviality, to have a little market, Velatra: mamelatra:

mamelabelatra : to develop an idea, a theme

fantatra=mahafantatra: mahafantampatantra : to know a little

foritra: mamoritra: Mamoriporitra : to crash with the hand

sambotra: misambotra: misambotsambotra: to catch there and then

zatra=zajatra to be used to

rezatra: mirezatra (old verb): Mirezadrezatra: to boast


Bitsika: Mibitsibitsika : to murmur

Kiaka= mikiaka: Mikiakiaka: to shout, to cry aloud

Na or n(a)

Minaona: Minaonaona: to wail

Tsinona: Tsinotsinona : nothing at all

Solona: misolona: Misolontsolona : to come without being invited

3-With the adjectives prefixed with ma= only the root is reduplicated



Marary= mararirary