jeudi 29 mars 2012

Malagasy proverbs: aleo very tsikalakalam-bola, toy izay very tsikalakalam-pihavanana

Aleo very tsikalakalam-bola toy izay very tsikalakalam-pihavanana.

Better to lose a little money than a little friendship.

Mieux vaut perdre une certaine somme d'argent plutôt que de perdre une relation d'amitié

The word "tsikalakàlana" means a stool in Malagasy. So I think when people borrow it and then lose it, since it has cost a little sum of money, it means that the owner has lost a little money. So instead of breaking a friendship because of the loss, and asking for a repayment, it is better to let it be lost for good.

for a further study: http://www.sudoc.fr/060830794

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